Angus Economics


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 Our Services

Advisory Services

  • Advice regarding the key economic, political and demographic challenges, risks and opportunities facing your business
  • Coverage of all major economies
  • Customised research of the topics most relevant to your business 
  • Wide choice of delivery methods including e-mail, printed copy, conference calls or on-site presentations and discussion

Client Communication Services

  • Regular commentary about key economic, political and demographic news and events
  • Reports or articles for your internal or client facing websites
  • Presentations at conferences and seminars
  • Participation on discussion panels
  • Facilitation of small group discussions about key economic, political or demographic issues

Educational Services

  • Presentations to ensure your team is fully alert to key economic, political and demographic developments
  • Workshops to help your team make better strategic decisions regarding major economic or political events
  • Design, construction and delivery of educational courses in economics, banking and investment

For further information about any of these services, and the attractive pricing packages currently on offer, please get in touch via the 'contact' link above or by emailing [email protected]