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Good investment decisions rely upon an accurate interpretation of the current and expected economic situation. Prevailing economic trends can have a huge influence on asset prices - including bonds, equities, property, commodities and currency.

Angus Economics offers workshops and seminars focusing on the needs of investors. The key economic variables, and their importance to investors, are explained in detail. Time is allocated to looking at various regions of the global economy, and the key trends which prevail in these economies.

Workshops cover topics such as :

  • the structure of key economies
  • the importance of the consumer
  • the oil price
  • inflation
  • economic growth
  • investment
  • international trade
  • government policy
  • central bank policy
  • foreign currency
  • asset markets

Our Current Economic Outlook seminars are also particularly useful to investors.

Follow the link to our events page to see if there are any planned workshops or seminars in your location, or contact Angus Economics to discuss how we can help to support your investment decision making process.