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For many years charities and other third sector bodies have often been referred to as "not for profit" organisations. But making a profit is important and necessary for survival. It is what you do with that profit which matters.

Charities and social enterprises relying on sales or donations need a really good understanding of the behaviour of their donors and the needs of the receivers of their social or charitable work. Economics can really help agencies get this understanding enabling them to be one step ahead in trying to ensure they have sufficient funding to cover their spending needs.

Angus Economics offers workshops and seminars which are designed to suit the needs of charities and social enterprises. 

These events cover

  • an understanding of donor behaviour
  • forecasting spending needs
  • cost analysis
  • optimal pricing to help you raise more money
  • profit
  • investment
  • early identification of changes in trends and behaviours

Follow the link to the events page or contact Angus Economics to discuss how we can best help your organisation achieve its goals.